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Sports Massage and the Benefits

Equissage is one of the oldest, high quality, most effective, acknowledged Certification training program around the world.  Founder Mary Schreiber has trained more Massage Therapists than any other in the profession of sports massage therapy for the horse. Her accomplishments include therapists for the Olympic Teams in several countries. A directed study and passing the final exams certifies the student to professionally apply Equine Sports Massage Therapy.

According to The Royal Veterinary College of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, "massage of the caudal muscles of the equine hind limb significantly increased passive and active hind limb protraction." 

Research supports the massage rational affects various physiologic systems, cellular fascial components, increases range of motion, reduces the activity of nociceptive pain receptors and reduces physiologic stress responses. (M. Scott & L.A. Swenson,

Benefits of Equine Sports Massage Therapy include but not limited to:

Induces relaxation

Reduces the chances of injury

Mobilizes joints and keeps them supple

Releases muscle spasms and stress points

Increases the horse's range of motion

Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury

Improves coordination, balance and jumping ability

Helps to develop muscles more evenly, reduces crookedness

Prevents muscle shortening, which occurs after muscle Injury

loosens scar tissue allowing freedom of movement

Prevents muscle wasting after injury

Reduces built-up tension in the muscles

Dissipates lactic acid

Improves overall locomotor function

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