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The Emotional Release

The Power of Intention

Emotions are energy which is passed from one being to another. Having the intention to do something is a pure vibration of energy that is created by you; horses are extremely sensitive to the intention energy. 

"When we are unable to listen to the emotional content of our experience, our emotions become stuck in our and energetic roadblock." (Jenny Florence, 2015) 

New research is finding that the suffering we incur is due to negative emotional energies that have become stuck in our system. One emotion trapped in our system will create significant physical problems and emotional stress. Horses are no different. Often a horse will come back from training with problems, which can be cause by trapped emotions as well as muscular tension causing pain. It is probable that the trapped emotions are causing the physical pain. This then becomes a vicious cycle, the horse gets the bad end of the deal, ending at a sale, drugged for the next unsuspecting, perspective buyer.

Some of the physical effects of trapped emotions:

  • lameness - subtle, unexplained hoof problems                                             

  • hip or joint problems - difficulty with movement                               

  • digestive issues - colic, diarrhea                

  • tendonitis                                             

  • TMJ and jaw problems

  • muscle and joint stiffness

  • confirmation anomalies

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